Someone Really Doesn't Like Dim Sum Cafe

Still with wrappers? Photo: istockphoto

The other day we posted about Dim Sum Cafe, the new Medford dim sum restaurant with an auspicious Fellsway location. We were generally psyched, happy mainly that we might be able to enjoy pork buns without having to fend off the Chinatown masses. But now we're skeptical.

An enraged patron took to Chowhound this weekend to warn off prospective customers: "Avoid at all cost... if you ever had dim sum, this is not the place to try it again. All there dim sum are frozen package that you can buy from any Chinese super market. If you want to trick your customers, at least buy it from places that normal people won't be able to find."

In sum: "Just to conclude, I do not know how this owner (an idiot) would think they can get by with just buying frozen items from a local Chinatown supermarket and resale it to customers. At least buy it from a warehouse like AGAR ... its the oldest trick in the book. Again avoid at all cost ... this is a disgrace to Chinese food." Sadly, a poster (the same one?) noted the same thing on Grub's earlier post.

Apparently Winsor Dim Sum doesn't need to worry. [CH, Earlier]