Eat Your Feelings Before Wedding Season at Finale

It's romance time.

The taffeta. The twinkly-eyed uncle guzzling whiskey and breaking into song. The grope-y drunk groomsmen, the obnoxious DJ, the rubbery chicken, and the "plus one" on your delicately embossed invitation — but not in your life. Aren't you happy that it's wedding season? Ah, but help is on the way!

The Globe's Love Letters columnist, Meredith Goldstein, visits Harvard Square's Finale tomorrow night with New York Times Vows contributor Devan Sipher for an evening of "nupital-inspired" reading, conversing, and quite possibly venting. Thirty bucks gets you dinner, dessert, and a shoulder to cry on. Hey, it's cheaper than a bridesmaid's dress or a tux. And it's probably way better than typical wedding food. [New Center]