A Free Restaurant and Grocery Store Closes in on Summertime Somerville Opening

It's dumpster dining, not diving. Photo: Gleaners' Kitchen

An enterprising Tufts student named Maximus Thaler has a Kickstarter campaign going to turn "waste into wealth by making fresh, wholesome meals from food that others thought was garbage." The campaign was fully funded last week, and even Time magazine has taken note: "The plan is for the café to be run this summer out of a Somerville apartment where Thaler, currently a senior philosophy of science major at Tufts, will live." It’ll be open 24 hours a day, with coffee, tea, and warm lentil soup available at all hours. He'll also serve dinner at 6 p.m., says Boston mag. Thaler says that Gleaners' Kitchen's ingredients are 100 percent "freegan" (in other words, free!). More importantly, they've been cleaned.

Thaler says all dumpster ingredients will be "inspected and washed." Thaler also says that he's very experienced in "dumpstering" and that he already knows which supermarkets throw away the best stuff. Here's a current menu.

Watch his video below and let us know what you think. Just so crazy that it might work? Panera seems to have embraced the idea (though we're fairly sure their pastries don't come from a dumpster). Gleaners' Kitchen will open in late May at Powderhouse Circle. Powderhouse is becoming quite the free-food mecca, actually: DooWee & Rice is also known to offer up free food to cash-strapped patrons.

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