Small South Station Bookstore Closes to Make Room for Starbucks


The South Station branch of Barbara's Bestsellers shuttered abruptly to make room for a Starbucks kiosk, the Boston Business Journal reports, making us wonder what's more important: escapism or caffeine. Not shockingly, it comes down to money.

The BBJ reports says that Starbucks will pay about $500 per square foot. The bookstore was paying about $100 per square foot on an old lease. Last year, 20-year tenant Clarke's restaurant closed to make way for a two-story CVS. Refreshingly (alarmingly?), the bookshop owner doesn't seem to mind too much: "I don’t argue. This is a capitalist country and God bless it," he told BBJ.

And as it stands now, the train station hasn't gone totally corporate: The bookshop might end up leasing another, smaller space instead. Coffee and books! [BBJ]