The Great Yelp Debate

Meet Mr. Yelper.

Boston food critic M.C. Slim sparked some good old-fashioned Internet debate with his article 11 Reasons Your Yelp Reviews Suck, and 11 Things You Can Do About It. The gist of the argument is Yelpers dont have enough restaurant knowledge and base their reviews on too few visits.

Chowhounders continued the debate, specifically on whether regular reviewers have the resources to go to restaurants more than once before yelping. Chowhounder Luther agrees but asks, why would I spend money going again as a private citizen? Just to write a "better" Yelp review?

We will agree though, that Yelp reviewers could take more appetizing photos. We think Chowhounder jjbourgeois is onto something with the comment that photos of an amorphous brown blob won't be selling anyone. [CH]