Is Villa Mexico Moving to Somerville?

The very popular Julie King.

Please, please let it be so: The absolutely succulent Villa Mexico, where owner Julie King slung burritos from a gas station in Beacon Hill until being displaced in January, is on the prowl for a new home. And that new home just might be in Somerville.

King has kept in close touch with her followers on Facebook since shutting down, and she reconnected with her fans last week at a pop-up hosted by Somerville's own Daddy Jones. This morning, she asks: "Good morning my dear fellows, God Bless You in this wonderful day! Question: If we move to Somerville, will you follow us???? Nothing sure just a possibility!!!"

She's already drawn plenty of very enthusiastic responses. Add ours to the mix! We'll even stop going to Anna's for burritos (sometimes). [Facebook/Villa Mexico]

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