Bad Calls: Waffle House Employee Pranks 911, T.G.I. Friday’s Manager Allegedly Leaves Nasty Voice Mail

The call came from inside the house.

Some people just don't belong in the hospitality business. Take for instance this bored Waffle House worker in Virginia, who was arrested yesterday for an April Fools' prank gone awry. Susan Tinker called 911 to report a fake robbery at Waffle House; police, accustomed to handling fast-food meltdowns, determined that she was only joking, but not before calling in a K-9 unit. Check out that remorseful mug shot! (You know she'd do it all over again, if only she weren't facing up to a year in prison.) But the stunt is mild compared with what went down at a New Jersey T.G.I. Friday's.

A New Jersey woman called T.G.I. Friday's 800 customer-service line after receiving shoddy service. Bad idea: She claims in a lawsuit that her personal phone number was released and that a manager left her voice mails saying lovely things like, "You're gonna die, stupid bitch," soundtracked to racist rap lyrics. The woman sought shelter with friends because she was afraid to return home.

Who knew? People still use voice mail, and people actually still eat at T.G.I. Friday's.

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