Amy Poehler Might Star in a Movie About Lunch Lady Superheroes

Sloppy Joe.

News about Amy Poehler starring in a film about superhero lunch ladies has surfaced once more. (Maybe the score will be written by Adam Sandler?) Today the Globe reports on a series of books by Northampton's Jarrett Krosoczka, who's written several graphic novels about "a school cafeteria worker who fights crime with spatulas and other kitchen gadgets," with Poehler attached to the lead role.

A huge champion of lunch ladies' rights, Krosoczka says that they are "among the most maligned figures in popular culture" despite the fact that most are cheery and helpful. He's even declared that May 3 should be “School Lunch Superhero Day.” He hopes to showcase lunch ladies from across the country and give students and parents a chance to thank them. (He chose the date because it's his former lunch lady's birthday. Aw.)

Scoff if you must, but the books struck enough of a chord to attract attention from Universal and Poehler, who would star as Lunch Lady. We can only imagine that she is a hairnet-donning, spatula-wielding maverick. Will Jamie Oliver make a cameo? [Globe, YouTube]