The Guy Behind Boston Bites Back Has a Wild and Crazy Past

Not a nightclub

Travis Talbot, who organized tomorrow's marathon fundraiser Boston Bites Back at Fenway Park with Ken Oringer and Ming Tsai, has an interesting background. The Globe reports that the former nightlife king of Canada spent his formative years "tending bar into the wee hours of the morning ... It was the first of his many nightlife adventures — a gig that made him popular with peers, but unpopular with school administrators because he came to class each morning smelling of booze and feeling scrappy."

He was "asked" to leave school early and never went to college. In Canada, he lived like a "rock star," setting up nightclubs and luxury resorts all over the world. But the party had to end: He ultimately sold his cars, emptied his bank accounts, and gave the money to charities on the advice of his mother, who was dying of cancer and urged him to help people instead of living life in the fast lane. He's now living in the North End and sometimes works as a chef (he goes by "T-Bone" Talbot in the kitchen). Maybe he can help Ming Tsai open a nightclub?