Bronwyn Will Open on May 15

At long last Bronwyn. Photo: Facebook/Bronwyn

Tim Wiechmann's new Union Square restaurant will open on May 15, says a rep. The culinary cognoscenti have eagerly awaited news of its launch; we're mainly psyched for the beer garden. Wiechmann also owns TW Food in Huron Village. The restaurant is named for his wife, who also works the room at TW. Her name, of course, is Bronwyn.

On the menu: Bavarian sausages; dark beer soup with aged cheddar kreplach; foie gras knishes (!); spatzle with emmenthaler, onion, asparagus, and verbena; Bavarian roast chicken with citrus-pineapple cure and grilled red cabbage; thin veal “Jagerschnitzel” with foraged mushrooms and walnut; and something called Riesling sauerkraut, which sounds just plain naughty. There will be ten biers on tap, and the wine list is culled from ancient vineyards of Germany, Austria, and the hills of the Alto Adige of northeast Italy. As for the design: think rustic European mountain tavern. The hills are alive ... with sausages. And a patio for beer-drinking, of course.