Ducali's Phil Frattaroli Needs Campaign Dough

Philip Frattaroli, contemplating a win.

"Early money is like yeast, it helps raise the dough," says the Ducali restaurateur, who's looking for campaign contributions and collecting signatures to appear on the Boston City Council ballot for the seat of councilor at large. Grub Street has the letter that he sent supporters, which explains why he's combining pizza with politics. He'll host a campaign kick-off at Filippo Ristorante at 6 p.m. on May 29. The Frattaroli platform, ahead. (And, while we're at it, can we draft Jamie Bissonnette for mayor?)

I believe in public service. The call of ordinary citizens to serve is what has made Boston great, from our forefathers who left the comfort and safety of private life to spark the American Revolution, to the heroism that was displayed on our streets just weeks ago when civilians rushed towards the victims of the marathon bombings to help. It is in that spirit, after careful consideration and conversations with family and friends, voters and small business people across the city, that I have decided to run for Boston City Councilor at Large!

I am running for the Boston City Council because, for the first time in decades, Bostonians will go to the polls this year to choose the direction that our great city will take for the next generation. I am running because I believe I have the experience to find new solutions for the problems that lie ahead of us. Experience as a small business owner creating jobs in the city, as a community activist working to improve schools and our neighborhoods from the grassroots and as a young person facing the challenges of staying in Boston with my new family.

I am hard at work collecting signatures all over the city to qualify for the ballot and am close to surpassing the number required. Our next major challenge is to separate our campaign from the crowded field, and in politics that means raising money. As a pizzeria owner, there is a political saying that I am especially fond of “early money is like yeast, it helps raise the dough."

Logically, he's also set up a donation website.