George Jones Leaves Behind a Glorious Legacy of Sausage Balls

Breakfast was his favorite meal of the day. Photo: Jackson Sun

Oh, never mind his musical achievements: Recently deceased country crooner George Jones also made an indelible contribution to the world of breakfast meat. Turns out the guy was a sausage virtuoso, TMZ reports, and even owned his very own sausage company in Tennessee. To say thanks, Brooks Shaw's Old Country Store in Jackson, Tennessee, whipped up more than 1,000 of Jones's favorite sausage balls (using his product, naturally) as a send-off to the singer late last week. The Bisquick-fueled recipe, which looks like the ideal hangover snack, was published posthumously. If you try it yourself (and it's really, really easy), make sure you use "Hot George Jones" sausage. Probably won't taste the same otherwise. [TMZ, Twirl and Taste]