Of Course There’s an Underground KFC Delivery Service in Gaza

The Colonel fares well in a war zone.

A Palestinian delivery service has found a totally niche market: It whisks KFC through tunnels from Egypt to Gaza. Al Yamama has made four deliveries of KFC to Palestinians there, mainly combo meals. And, sure enough, fried chicken is still tasty after four hours in transit. We'd expect this from McDonald's burgers, which are incapable of decomposition, but the Colonel's chicken is pretty indestructible, too.

This is good news for poultry-deprived Palestinians, even though the price is equivalent to about $30. The hefty fee is due to the circuitous route and the intense security involved with each delivery — sometimes Hamas checks (and eats?) the wares. But that's okay: "It's delicious even as it's not hot," said one hungry customer, who also appreciated the cool apple pie.

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