Radius Will Close, But Its Burger Will Live On

A big draw at Radius: Burgers!

The Boston Globe reports that Radius will close in late June. Not a huge surprise: Rumors have been floating for quite some time. Owner Michael Schlow talked to Grub Street about the future of his beloved burger and his send-off plans, which happen to include Mario Batali.

"It's been 15 years, and Radius has been a wonderful experience. Our landlord has been great to us all of these years, but our lease is up and everyone is now looking to the future. We're celebrating Radius until it closes on June 29 with cooking classes, a dinner with Mario Batali, and lots of other special events," he tells us.

Oh, and as for his signature burger? "Fans of the burger needn't worry," he reports. "I promise it will pop up somewhere soon."

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