Grub Guide: Where to Hang Out With Mom If You're Not Into Brunch Buffets

Where's my champagne?

Maybe you don't want to pay $45 for a limp omelet that's been oozing grease under a heat lamp since 8 a.m. Maybe Mom prefers tequila shots to mimosas. Or maybe you just forgot to make reservations. (For shame!) For some offbeat and tasty ways to celebrate the woman who birthed you, see our ideas ahead.

Take Mom for Dim Sum at Hei Lei Moon: If Mom is adventurous, a brunch trip to Hei Lei Moon is the way to go. You can fill up for under $25 and still have leftovers. Plus, the room is so noisy, you won't even hear her asking when you plan to get a new job.

Hit up the food trucks at SoWa: There are so many good trucks this year. Grab Mom a lobster roll, buy her some jewelry, introduce her to seitan tacos, and call it a day. She'll love it.

Go to Dairy Joy. It's open for the season! And a $20 hamburger will seem like a downright bargain compared with what you could have paid elsewhere.

Attack a Bloody Mary bar: East Coast Grill has one of the best, especially if Mom is kinda spicy. (Brunch starts at 11 a.m.)

Sip champagne at Upstairs on the Square: An excellent choice if Mom is proper and enjoys zebra print. Drink a few flutes and tumble out into Harvard Square.

Get her a burrito: Boloco's giving away free burritos and burrito bowls to all moms this weekend; you just need to buy something of equal value.

Share a pot of braised tripe. For a true bonding experience, snag a booth at Boston Chops and dunk some grilled bread into BC's shareable vat of tendon with sofrito ragout. (It's really good.)

Sip a glass of wine with pickled sardines: Davis Square's new Spoke Wine Bar just introduced a new menu with fun things like pickled sardines, crab crostini, and lots of spring vegetables. They open at 5 p.m.

Eat outside at Verrill Farm: They're doing a laid-back al fresco spread with an omelet station, scrambled eggs, hash browns, breakfast meats, savory brunch dishes, fruit, scones, muffins, dessert, and live acoustic guitar. (Reserve by tomorrow.)

Try every permutation of crab known to man: 51 Lincoln is doing a crab menu all month long. Here's the thing: The crab dishes are unusual. Gleefully so. On the list: crab bao with braised pork belly, crab fajitas with something called Fernanda’s Famous Hot Sauce, crabs and grits, and open-faced crab ravioli.

Eat well, and good luck!